Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Cycling

Friday, 19th July 2013:  I know I have said it a few times. but I will say it again – pootling around on a hot Summer’s day in the countryside is something I could get used to. Maybe global warming might not be so bad – although I am only joking and Global warming is not really a laughing matter.

This was a ride around the Low Fen Drove Way, back from Horningsea to the Lodes Way (via Hundred Acres Road. A bit of exploring, then up to Upware, Docking’s Lane back into Wicken Fen, then to Burwell and back to Lodes Way via Newnham Drove.

The skies were blue, it was warm, although not quite as warm it has been it didn’t even reach 30oC.

This is Hundred Acres Road out of Horningsea, heading towards Lode.  I like the way puffs of small clouds hang in the blue sky.

Hundred Acres Road, Horningsea: Blue skies and puffy white clouds

On the way back towards Lode I detoured up Dam Drove and down Fen Head Drove (bottom left of the linked, hand drawn map).

Fen Head Droveway

On may way up to Upware onions were being harvested, by the Locust machine. Have workers have portaloo! I presume that wetting the ground makes it easier to lift the onions?

Onions being irrigated and harvested

Around the back of Wicken, on Lower Road was a sight form my childhood. These were the sorts of bales that were made when I was a lad and we used to help the farmer lug them around. I am not sure we were that helpful. He used to let us ride on the stack of bales as the tractor pulled it through the field.

Old-fashioned hay bales

Thinking about it that baler looks like it was used when I was a boy.

Old-style baler

On my way back through Wicken Fen there were a few boats moored up by Norman’s Bridge.

Wicken Lode – special mooring

There were a few dragonflies around as well.

Dragonfly – Wicken Fen

On the way back I saw this chap staring out over Burwell Fen. Burwell Fen Fen is in the background. I took the picture from Reach Lode Bridge.

Admiring Burwell Fen

Whilst on the bridge I took a few other pictures.

Water lilies – Reach Lode

The clouds seem to have thinned out a little.

Reach Lode – looking towards Reach

There were fish in the Lode.

Fish in Reach Lode

Along with Damselflies.

Damselfly on a lily pad – Reach Lode

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