Friday, August 30, 2013

July–a quick summary

Well having gotten to the end of July it certainly felt like I had been getting more cycle-time.  The weather has been pretty good, according to the Cambridge DTG weather station most of the month has seen high maximum temperatures with peaks over 30oC. There hasn’t been much rain although more is reported than I remember.

So a quick tot-up of distance logged on my Garmin Edge GPS shows a total distance for July of 740Km/462.5miles. (Whereas I cycled  290Km/181m in June.) Over that time I cycled (more than 32Km/20 miles) 18 times.

I have been to Wicken Fen  a few times using various routes, I have also been out along the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway Cycleway CGBC and the Roman Road, I have been up to Ely and down to Great Chesterford and across to Connington. I won’t re-hash all the rides, but out of those the one I enjoyed most was probably the trip to Connington and back. Having said that I do like cycling along the Roman Road.

Wild Poppies in the Fens

Worsted Street – Roman Road from Cambridge to Balsham (and beyond)

Bridleway between Connington and Boxworth

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