Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Cycle Ride to gather pictures to test out HDR Photography

A quick bit on the Cambridge Guided Busway - it was reported in the Local TV news that the opening is not too far off which is good to hear. I was also amazed to get (for my blog anyway) a large number of hits on that particular post. I am not sure why, but it did make me look around for a bit more information and I found the Cambridgeshire County Council website to be very informative. There are maps including one of the Fen Drayton Lakes - which names the various lakes around Fen Drayton.

Despite the problems the rest of the UK seems to be having with the snow and ice we have yet to get more snow - although we have been warned. The temperatures are low - but the paths I cycle on are getting better - mind you you still have to take care.

The work along the Bottisham Lode seems to be progressing with the bank being worked upon.


The skies were quite dramatic - I wonder if those are snow clouds? I have been experimenting with HDR photography. (High Dynamic Range). To be fair I have just started to experiment. When a camera takes a picture I cannot deal with a huge range of light and dark so that in this picture in order to show the sky the ground is black - it has been under-exposed. It is possible to take several pictures with different amounts of exposure and then combine the best bits to show more detail throughout the picture.

So far I have set my camera to automatically take three pictures of the same scene with different amounts of exposure. I have yet to try to combine them. I have set it to take three pictures of +/-3 stops as well as the correct exposure. My first impression is that perhaps that is not enough - but I will first check out the re-combinations first.


This is Baker's Fen - I took a few multiple exposure pictures - a shame the cloud obscured the sunset - but an interesting test for HDR.


A couple of posts ago I mentioned that had a theory that my feet were getting cold before the rest of me because of the metal cleats in the boots leaking heat into the pedals. Well I have been cycling in ordinary (non-cleated) boots and my feet have still been getting pretty cold.

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