Monday, January 25, 2010

Living (well cycling) on the edge - without a puncture repair kit!

After 6 months of puncture free cycling my bike succumbed to one yesterday - as usual it was at the farthest extent of my planned ride - just after Wicken Fen. I have become so used to puncture free cycling that I have stopped carrying a pump and patches with me all the time. I set off late on Sunday afternoon - a late night the evening before (friends round for dinner) delayed the start of the day... However it seemed too nice not to get out for a quick spin. The sun was also visible so I set out for Upware and took this picture of the sun setting over the trees.


The reflections of the boats in the Lode also seemed particularly colourful.It was not windy so the water surface was pretty flat and reflected well. I have cropped the picture because there were telegraph wires in the picture and I did not have the time to photoshop them out.


As it was late afternoon I did not stop to take pictures as I went through Wicken Fen I did pop upto CockUp Bridge though to see whether the sunset might be worth photographing from there. As I set off back down towards Burwell the bumpy ride (the road has a lot of mud and gravel on it) seemed bumpier than ever. The rear tyre had gone flat! I was 20miles from home so I took out the repair tool of last resort - my mobile phone and rang my wife to come and collect me and rounded off the cycle ride with a walk of a mile or so, before getting picked up - I must now go and fix the puncture. It could well be that the tyre is worn out - the last puncture was a few thousand miles/kilometres ago.

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