Thursday, March 4, 2010

Burnt out car removed - hows that for speed

A quick Post today - no cycling the day before and I had a brief gap in which to get out on my bike with a deadline to join a conference call at 4pm - which I had to do back in my office. I know I could have done it by mobile phone, but that would have meant finding somewhere to sit and I would have had to take a load of paper (with the info) out with me and would have frozen as the call was expected to last for more than an hour.

So it was a good reason for a speedy trip round. The wind was against me on the way out - but it is easier to push hard into wind if you are going to get the benefit on the way back. Cycling to a deadline did mean there was not much time to take pictures though. I did my usual trip round though. The other incentive to get back was because I was following the BT sport Relief Million Pound Bike Ride and wanted to hear them finish. Why - well I cycled from Lands End to John O' Groats in 2002 around 1000 miles in 14 days. In this case they were doing a relay a core team of 6 celebs took it in turns to cycle non-stop - they completed it in 82 hours and had to contend with cycling in temperatures as low as -10C - no mean feat.

On my way round I went to have a look to see whether the burn out car had be removed - no it was still there. I did cycle down to the new bridge development over Reach Lode though - the digger seems to be busy. On the way back towards Upware I stopped to take a picture of the field covered in plastic and noticed that a truck had driven up to the burnt out car. At this point I was quite far away but did manage to take a picture showing the truck preparing to load the car. I have to say that is pretty impressive - they do not hang around when it comes to removing burnt out cars - even on roads that have little traffic. Well done East Cambs District Council.


It is that time of year when the farmers are trying to get ahead by using plastic to warm the soil to hasten germination of crops. It was certainly nice and sunny - despite the temperatures being around 6C. I stopped because the stripes make an interesting pattern.


The same field - although I did pass others - this time without using multiple exposures - not that different to the previous picture really.


Two final bits of bad news - Cambridge is not getting a £500M grant from the government for its almost Congestion Charging plan - the rules have been changed there is a new fund - the Urban Challenge Fund. My cynical view - this allows the government to save money ( a good thing) without appearing to have done an about face (a political thing). The last bit of news - the Yehuda Moon Internet cycle strip is on a break until May.

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