Sunday, March 7, 2010

A View from the Crossroads - busy farmers

Despite the sun the weather has turned colder again. The wind seems to be form the North and so much more chilling. The clear skies also suggest we are going to have some fairly sharp overnight frosts. It was a good job it was sunny really - otherwise I might have found an excuse not to pop out for a spin on my bike. As it was I stuck to one of my usual routes - out through to Lode, White Fen, Upware, Wicken Fen, Burwell Reach, White Fen and back through Lode.

As it was a Sunday I left it a bit later to set off - I was hoping to avoid rush hour on the Wicken Fen National Trust part of the route - the paths are not very wide and you often get families walking along them plus dogs so it can get a bit congested. I did pop along Split Drove to see how the new Connect 2 bridge works were progressing. They have quite a bit of kit in place and at the moment seem to be focusing on getting the access road (track) sorted. The skies were a clear blue colour.


As it was quite cold I stopped once more to take photographs and then cycled briskly on the rest of the route. The fine weather has brought out the farmers - I assume they are keen to get a move on with planting. Round here they put strips of what look a bit like glass fibre matting down. I assume these are to act as mini-greenhouses to get a bit of early warmth into the soil. The also work quickly - this field had three tractors working one after the others. It has now been covered in the matting. This field is at the crossroads where the Upware Road meets Headlake Drove.


The field in the last picture is to the left in this picture - a view of the Upware Road of towards Upware. The road undulates quite a lot - not a bad things as it helps to keep cars and vans from speeding along it. Most vehicles slow down as they pass me. I also pull in on the passing places (it is only a single track road). Occasionally you get a nutter who is happy to speed past inches from my handlebars - the challenge is that the edge of the road can be quite lumpy. The last thing you want is for the bikes wheel to get thrown by the crumbling edge of the road as a car speeds past.


This is the view in the Upware/Wicken Fen direction. Again you can see how busy the farmers have been preparing the field.


Looking back towards Reach on the slight rise in the distance.


The road towards Reach. The sign on the right is necessary as when the road passes through Reach there is very little room between the houses.


Once again back to the "covered" field.


The same field but made up of three pictures. Actually each of the pictures was made from 7 exposures so in fact the picture was created from 21 different exposures. It came out more consistent than I expected considering the amount of "processing" needed to stitch it together.

upware road field_Panorama1.JPG

By the time I got home my toes were freezing - in fact they felt slightly strange as I lay in the bath warming up.

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