Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Inner-city Fens

At the moment , because Windows 7 Backup seems to be much slower than the Vista variant I have changed from running incremental backups once a week to running them once a month. Then in the interim I use a program called Synctoy to copy various directories once a week. (photographs, music, email, Garmin & cycling data). The only snag - well the backup takes even longer - it starts on the 1st of each month and it is still running three days later. It is not too bad but does make my computer feel a little sticky - it takes a little longer to switch from one app to another sometimes.

The weather seems to be holding - frosty in the morning but quite bright sunny days. Out for a quick spin around to Wicken Fen and back the fine weather had also gotten some horse-riders out along Headlake Drove. I stopped to allow the, to move on up the road - then headed out after them.


There was some smoke out along the fields looking back towards the Cambridge direction.


The clouds were suitably dramatic for a picture of Commissioners' Drain.


There was also a burnt out car - it seems that they get stolen - presumably joyriders and then torched to erase any evidence - fingerprints and DNA I assume. Although I am not sure that DNA is collected for stolen cars - probably too expensive and no guarantee that the DNA will match those on file.

What is disturbing is how little is left after the car has burnt out. All the windows have gone, tyres burnt, upholstery gone the radiator collapsed to the ground.


I am not sure what the car is - but thought it looked a bit like a Mercedes estate. I wonder if the number plates were removed beforehand or have burnt to almost nothing.


The interior of the car - not very comfortable now!


The flames were so hot that the windscreen glass appears to have melted in places.


After taking pictures of the car - anybody who saw me must have thought I was a bit weird. Looking down Split Drove the new bridge work seems to be progressing - there is more kit there anyway.


I wonder how long it will take to remove the car - the Jeep I saw a month or two ago was removed very quickly.

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