Friday, October 11, 2013

A pinch and a punch–what happened to the first two days of the month

Tuesday 3rd September 2013: Although I don’t cross-check my Credit Card purchases against the receipts when the Statement comes in I do check that I recognise the list of items. Since my wife and I share an account there can be some surprises (for me) but generally it all hangs together.

I have had a case of credit card fraud, my bank acted promptly, closing the account and sending new cards (on a new account) very swiftly. I was also able to sign the declaration and email it!  They also refunded the money immediately. It was a couple of purchases in foreign countries I’d never visited that alerted me.

This time around, but much later in the month I checked the Statement and there was a small purchase, less than £10 to the Guided Busway. Plausible, but although I have cycled on the busway many times I have only ever been on a bus on the busway once. That was before it was officially open, it was part of introducing the service to the locals and was free.

There was nothing in my diary of any particular note for the day in question and a random day several weeks ago does not come to mind easily. However, as I take quite a lot of pictures I did check those. (I use Picasa to view my pictures – which currently occupy 570GB with over 120,000 files. Not all of them from one camera, some of them are post-processed, some sent to me and some are documents that I have scanned in.)

There is nothing like a picture or two to bring back the memories. I had had a bit of a ride around Wicken Fen, not surprising, bur I had also taken some pictures of St Mary’s Churchyard in Burwell. One of the good things about cycling is apart from the occasional train ticket or snack one doesn’t spend money.

Now I do use public transport, my wife tends to less often. So I am pretty sure she might have mentioned a trip on the Guided Busway. To cut a long story short, she had gone shopping with our daughter prior to returning to Uni. They had gone on the P&R but didn’t have the change and so she used her credit card.  I can’t say I would have expected the P&R into town to refer to the Guided Busway, but problem solved.

Despite the clouds looking pretty threatening there was only a smattering of rain which I avoided.

Grey Clouds over the picturesque Fens – try to ignore the twin lines of Pylons

Bales awaiting collection – near Wicken Fen

St Mary’s Churchyard, Burwell

St Mary’s Churchyard, Burwell

There are two Horse Chestnuts in the picture – one looks a little more affected by the Leaf miner than the other.  Horse Chestnut trees would well become a tree of the past. There are similar chestnut trees which are less affected apparently.  They also can suffer from bleeding canker, a bacterial infection.

St Mary’s Churchyard, Burwell



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