Thursday, October 10, 2013

The end of Summer–a time for Harvesting and fly-tipping

Saturday, 31st August 2013: Saturday is a day of chores and, hopefully, leisure. Although for me leisure often means an enjoy cycle out in the countryside, catching up on the weeks goings-on in the Archers.

One of the rides that fits the bill is out around Low Fen Drove Way and then up to Horningsea, across via Hundred Acres Road to Lode and then around the Lodes Way.

A common sight on the Low Fen Drove Way bridge over the A14 – this is a common place to see fly-tipping. Although I have not actually seen it happen, I presume that the tossers do it after dark.

Fly-tipping Low Fen Drove Way

A Small Group of clouds in blue sky above a freshly harvested field

Mind you nowadays a farmer’s work is never done, no sooner has one crops come out than another has to go in.

Drilling A Field in the Fens

The clouds seem to be multiplying and hanging like alien spaceships in a Sci-Fi movie.

A Small Group of clouds in blue sky above a freshly harvested field

These clouds seem to be beaming something down!

Potatoes growing in the fens

Bales in a field waiting to be collected in the Fens

On my way back near Stone Bridge (NCN51-outskirts Swaffham Bulbeck) there was a mini-Combine Harvester in the field. It is a Sampo 2010 and I think the company that make it is Finnish. It is a Plot Combine!

Small Combine at work in the fields – Stone Bridge

I am not looking forward to the Winter.  Still a quick look at the distance cycled during August shows a tally of 815Km/509 miles. Which goes to show I must have been enjoying my cycling in August.  (I cycled 740Km/462.5 miles in July). Strangely I used to clock up more distance when I had a 14 mile ride to work.

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