Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Last of the Summer Sun

Sunday, 22nd September 2013: Now I have been listening to the Archers for a long time - 40+ years. I first started when I got my first radio, a transistor radio with short, medium and long wave reception.  I used to explore the airwaves and short-wave radio, because of the way it propagates was always interesting. For the record the Archers pre-dates me and I haven’t listened to it continuously over those 40+ years. In fact one of the charms is that you can dip in and out of the program.

When DAB radio first started broadcasting I bought a Psion Wavefinder (not at its most expensive though) which relied upon a USB connection to a PC for the sound. It also allowed timed recordings. Which is when I started recording the Archers and downloading it to my MP3 player  and listening to it when cycling.  It was fairly reliable.

I was pleased when the BBC started Podcasting the Archers (2007) which was generally more reliable, although not totally so. Sometimes programs didn’t appear and sometimes my computer would fail to download them. As it happens I still download both the daily program and the weekly Omnibus, just in case.

It all means that when I go away I don’t trouble myself with trying to keep up with developments on the Archers. When I get home and have a convenient moment I can catch up. Well having been away I had three weeks of catchup this time.  Which is quite a lot of cycling – there are 6 episodes per week, each approximately 13 minutes long.  Whilst the Omnibus is 75 minutes long. (Spot the difference.)

So that is what I did on this ride – only occasionally stopping on my way around the Wicken Fen area. The weather was lovely though. It was over 200C in the afternoon.

As I rode towards Upware there was the pungent smell of onions in the air – it is rather like riding into a salad with lots of spring onions in it. (Not that I have ever ridden into a salad you understand!)  It is not unusual to see the harvest running seven days a week – although this Sunday afternoon things were quiet.

An Onion Locust slumbering in a field of Onions near Upware

It wasn’t very windy either – as you can see from the picture of Burwell Lode.

Burwell Lode

It always surprises me just how much the sky can change when I am out cycling, without me noticing.  In this picture of Swaffham Bulbeck Lode the sky seems almost clear of clouds. I didn’t notice until just now when writing the post.

Swaffham Bulbeck Lode

As I stood on the bridge over Swaffham Bulbeck Lode cyclists passed by. There were a few out and about enjoying the last of the summer wine sun.

Cyclist on Lodes Way

These two cyclists looked like they were cycling together – where that really means they were trying to compete with each other.

Another Cyclist on Lodes Way

At this time of year just as the Winter looms I begin to think it would be nice to live somewhere warm!

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