Saturday, October 26, 2013


They say that if you don’t back your data up three times then you just don’t care about it. Well one of the reasons for not posting much recently has been I have been busy and troubled by problems with one of the devices I use to back data up – a Western Digital My Book Live, which instead of being directly connected to a computer is attached to the network. That way I can get stuff from it even when my main computer isn’t running.

I have been cycling as well – three times during the working week for business reasons.  Then in the evenings I have been trying to de-bug my disk drive.  The trouble is it is a computer in its own right and runs the Linux operating system. I have been planning on converting my old Windows Computer to dual-boot and having a play with Linux – but time…

So my Linux (actually Unix) knowledge is somewhat dated, it was twenty-five odd years ago that I ran a network of Unix Machines. So my “little knowledge” is probably a dangerous thing.

To cut a long story short, I got in touch with WD Support and over a few days I was adv8ised on how to get it working again. Which it is. So my data (>100,000 pictures and ~9,000 tracks is once again a little hit safer. (I turned of the Remote Access, Media Streaming and iTunes Streaming and it now behaves more like a disk drive.)

I have also bought a larger memory card for my Phone as it started getting tight for memory space because I seem to take so many pictures using it. At one of the meetings – which included dinner quite a few phones came out to record events for posterity.

Whilst on IT matters I also updated my Windows 8 desktop computer to Windows 8.1  There seems to have been a lot of fuss about the lack of a START “button” which 8.1 was supposed to fix. Well the update went well, but the changes are a bit underwhelming if I am honest. It all worked though as was pretty much fuss free I did have to do a bit of Network tweaking though as some access permissions had changed.

I also find that my habit of opening large numbers of Chrome Tabs is causing my computer to complain of running out of memory – and that is with 16GB.  When that happens Chrome crashes.

Well Cooled Computer

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