Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More cycling than pictures

Wednesday, 2nd July 2014: I had a bitty week ahead, with two trips to the centre of Cambridge and lunch with a friend out at the Maid’s Head in Wicken on one of those days. Then the following week I was having to work in Cambridge on the day the Tour de France came to town. Although it wasn’t too bad since it gave me a reason for being there.

So in an effort to catch up with my posts I have combined four into one. What I would like to do is vary the posts a little when I catch up. For instance I plan on giving a review of some of the stuff I have bought for cycling, I have yet to compare my 29er with the 26er it replaced and I might compare a few of the rides I do. Plus just recently I am appalled by as roads get busier they become barriers stopping the vulnerable from getting through.

Also my distance cycled had dropped last month (June) so I reckoned I ought to try and increase my cycling a tad.  Why – well I do notice that I feel fitter when regularly cycling and regular cycling helps me to cycle regularly.

So for my mid-week ride I popped up to Barway, more or less on the NCN11 out of Cambridge.  It extends my cycling, but is away from busy traffic and by varying the route by detouring through Soham I don’t break my rule of not cycling there and back by the same route too much. Here is the Bike Route Toaster map, the distance is 46.4Km/28miles with a mix of tracks, shared paths, and country lanes.

Although I didn’t actually plan on cycling out to Barway at first only I was enjoying the ride so much I extended it en-route.

Lacy Phacelia growing in the field margins as a cover crop – near Barway

At one stage NCN11 skirted round Barway on a farm track to Barway Bridge (I think it was an alternative route). There are still signs around – but I have only ever seen one other cyclist use it. I did this time and then headed out of Barway on NCN11. This picture was taken just alongside Barway Bridge, looking towards Ely.

Soham Lode from Barway Bridge

This used to be the way to a chain ferry across to Little Thetford. There are some pictures here and here.

Public Byway to the Great River Ouse from Barway

A Sustrans Portrait bench – NCN11/Lodes Way – Reach Lode

I really enjoyed that impromptu slightly longer run out.

Thursday, 3rd July 2014: The next day I had reasons to cycle, but the timing was tight than I had planned. I had a meeting in Cambridge and then and hour to get to Lode crossroads to me a friend and our plan was to cycle to the Maid's Head in Wicken. I normally go to the Dyke’s End at Reach (a pub I like) but we had decide to venture a little further afield. All went well for my meeting in Cambridge – although I think that they found it a little unusual having me turn up to their gated car-park on my bicycle. Unfortunately although I was on time (although pretty warm as I had cycled faster than planned) the person I was meeting was late.

The inevitable happened and the meeting went on a tad longer than planned which left me running late for my rendezvous at the Lodes crossroads. So I had to up my pace to a level that I am unaccustomed to.  It was hard work, but once I was onto the road between Quy and Lode I managed to keep over 32Km/h / 20mph to the crossroads. I was originally planning to cycle along the back of Anglesey Abbey along the old railway line – but I had no times.

As luck would have it my friend hadn’t turned up. So I sat down on the bench to check whether I had made a mistake (it happens).  Just as I was tapping out a message he turned up and we headed off along Lodes Way.

Lunch was good and we had some interesting ideas to talk about. So our lunch overran a little. Hence there is only one photograph – on my way back along Split Drove I took a picture of the turn being watered.

Turf Growing – Split Drove

Friday, 4th July 2014: Friday was “free” day but I had stuff to prepare for the following week – but the weather was nice – decisions.  I couldn’t resist the temptation for a wee spin along Lodes Way. There was more ir4rigation going on.

This was taken along a track, on heading back I turned right at Highfield farm and along a track to Swaffham Bulbeck Lode and then back down to White Fen.

Onions being Irrigated near Headlake Drove

Saturday, 5th July 2014: Despite chores and things I managed to pop out on Saturday, despite the weather looking bloomy, along the usual Lodes Way meander. Because I hadn’t taken a picture of the Maid’s Head earlier in the week I took one this time.

Maid’s Head - Wicken

I use Picasa to store my pictures for my Blog, although Google seems to have re-branded/re-located it as Google+ photos. The interesting thing is every no and then Google+ decides a picture could do with being tarted-up although they call it auto-awesome. I quite liked the result here is is.

Maid’s Head – Wicken after G+ auto-awesome

On my way back as I reached the Lode crossroads there was an ambulance with blue lights flashing and sirens blaring (blues and twos). That chap in the lay-by was paying attention as he pulled into it pretty sharply. Although it might look like it I was not standing in the road to take the picture.

Ambulance – Lode Crossroads

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