Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Reasons for cycling–social connectivity

Monday, 4thAugust 2014: I was meeting some friends for lunch and as is my wont when that happens I use such events to provide me with an excuse extra reason to get out on my bike. 

Personally I reckon it is always easier to do something if you have some reason to do it. The alternative is to become a creature of habit and do something because that is what you habitually do. Which makes routine the reason.  I feel that it is best to keep an eye on “routine”, don’t become a slave to it, that is the slippery slope heading towards playing it safe and boredom and ennui.

Enough philosophy and a bit of a side-issue. I am listening to Boards of Canada and Tomorrow's Harvest at the moment. I got it after watching and listening to Coastrider cycling films (one of the blogs I follow).  My tastes in music are certainly a bit eclectic, but hey, you should like what you like.

Back to lunch – we were meeting at the Six Bells in Fulbourn. They have good beer (and cider), good food and a good garden. What more can you ask for on a sunny summer’s day. I took my usual circle route – in through the Wilbrahams and out through Teversham. Unusually I was slightly early when I arrived at Fulbourn, so I took a few pictures of the churchyard. Normally I find myself setting of a tad too late, then having to cycle faster than planned to catch up on the lost time, but then stopping and taking pictures along the way. It is surprising how much time gets eaten up by stopping/taking pictures/starting again.

The Church is one of only two in the UK dedicated to St Vigor. Apparently, although it is an Anglican church it is also shared with the Roman Catholic community of the village.  Phew the phrase “practicing what they preach” comes to mind – long may such things continue.

Churchyard – St Vigor’s – Fulbourn

Churchyard – St Vigor’s – Fulbourn

The next three pictures all come from the same photographic source, the first was taken using my Samsung S4 (in Rich Tone mode). I added a frame in Picasa

Gravestones – St Vigor’s Church, Fulbourn
Samsung Rich Tome mode

After uploading it Google+ auto-awesome-d it.

Gravestones – St Vigor’s Church, Fulbourn
Google Auto-awesome

I then added a frame.

Gravestones – St Vigor’s Church, Fulbourn
Google Auto-awesome + Frame

I forgot to mention they had some form of Scrumpy as a guest cider, well as someone who grew up in Somerset and whose first tipple was farmyard scrumpy I couldn’t resist. It was quite strong so I resisted the temptation to have a couple of pints and settles on a pint and then a half. It was delicious.

After a very pleasant lunch it was time to head for home, when I reached the roundabout at the corner of Cambridge Airport I noticed a small combine harvester. This patch of field was being used for running trials and each rectangle was separately combined and sampled to assess the efficacy of whatever they were trialling.

Crops trials – NCN51 – Newmarket Road

To think I need a reason to go out cycling!

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