Thursday, January 16, 2014

A few pictures from last year–October 19, 2013

I seem to be in catch-up at the moment. Quite a lot of time at home has been spent on IT.  I decided to switch my ISP and the sage is still going – I will write about it when it seems to have stabilised though.

I have also updated my computer from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 – the update was ok, the addition of the “start” button was a bit weird and there have been a few foibles, but all pretty minor. However looking at the news it seems that Windows 8 has not been the success Microsoft needed so roll on Windows 9.

I have also been experimenting with a bit of Home Automation.  More importantly I have been out cycling moderate distances over the last week or so, taking advantage of the sunny days and there has been an Irregular Meeting of the Lodes Way Irregulars. Although I stopped cycling for around 8 weeks, no sooner do I start again and I bump into the Swaffham Bulbeck Cyclist one day and MikeC the next. Unfortunately I seem to have been the most irregular just recently – but, weather permitting I hope to remedy that.  It was good to seem them both well and to catch up.

Photographers talk about the golden hour when the light is just right to take pictures – well I reckon there are also interesting times of year – autumn (fall) with the leaves changing colour is one such time. Here are some autumnal pictures.

Biggin Lane – Autumn strikes

This is not a public road – although it seems to have a name Biggin Lane with takes you to Biggin Abbey.

The Road to Biggin Abbey

After cycling through Horningsea I turned off along Hundred Acres Road. There is quite a large lay-by and it is common to see motorists stop here and then take their dogs for a walk along the track.  It would appear that the lay-by has been used for more nefarious purposes as well! So here is a warning – also a reminder that Hate Crimes will also be pursued.

Creating a Safer Cambridge

New Crops already growing

Autumn – old railway line behind Anglesey Abbey

Anglesey Abbey Mill

Split Drove – a muddy time of year

The nights are drawing in – Reach Lode Bridge – 3.45pm

Lodes Way Signpost – set back from the path at Burwell Fen

Burwell Fen – wide open skies

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