Sunday, January 12, 2014

Anglesey Abbey Winter Lights 2013

Decisions decisions! I went for a spin around the Fens yesterday, the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. Or some such saying. I really enjoyed it, I bumped into the Swaffham Bulbeck Cyclist for a chat, the weather was glorious, I cycled a reasonable distance considering.

Some of the paths were very muddy around Horningsea and so I got an extra work-out. My back seems ok. When I got home I seemed to have lost feeling in my toes and my fingers were pretty cold as well. This morning my whole body let me know that it had been a while since I had managed to get some reasonable exercise. Nothing serious, just a slight ache in muscles I had forgotten.

But I have a whole sequence of pictures from Anglesey Abbey’s Winter Lights 2013 that have been waiting for an airing so here they are.

I like purple – so anything purple was fair game for a picture.

As you see here.

Apparently the bark of the Silver Birches is washed each year – these were purple last year as well.

This year they changed colour – I sill preferred the purple!

Interesting lighting.

A tree had been strung with paper globes. I took quite a few pictures to get a small number of pictures without someone walking through or the globe swaying in the wind. The exposure on this one was 3.2 seconds.

As least year they were sold pulled-pork rolls (or perhaps just pork rolls) they were delicious. New for this year was a shadow play – Peter and the Wolf.

In general I liked the more distant pictures – and it was purple.

It was so good I took it twice (well actually more than twice, but don’t worry only two are in the post).

They light the Mill with such intensity that it requires only a short exposure – 0.04s in this case.

It creates a shadow play of its own. (Exposure 0.0125s).

Although I had a zoom lens I also found myself taking pictures as I walked away from the Mill.

Trying to balance the effect of the bright white light on the Mill against the warmer light on the trees was a challenge.

To create this picture I stopped the lens to its minimum aperture – f/22 which then required an exposure of 22s. The streaks of light in the water to the left are because the water was moving.

This Spider’s Web was lit by UV – it was quite hard to focus and get the camera to “decide” on an exposure. This one was exposed to 8 seconds, but the picture also required a bit of a lift.

I think this was also UV, but maybe it was just purple.

This year they used a different light source – with a whiter colour temperature.

The actual “smoke” behind this stump was more atmospheric. This needed a 30 second exposure.

As we headed towards the exit there were some “dancers” dressed in lights – the effect was this somewhat abstract light painting.

I really like the way the background is so black. The exposure was 3.2 seconds.

There was a lit tree in the distance. I didn’t have much time to take the picture – otherwise I might have framed it better. (Note all of my pictures were taken using a tripod – with a camera of course.)

As we headed back to the main buildings this was the last picture.

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