Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lodes Way & the ASA

Wednesday, 22nd January 2014: Well by now many cyclists will have read about the bizarre decision by the ASA to ban  an advert because it shows a helmetless cyclist, riding more than 1m from the kerb. Yes how dare that cyclist behave in such a carefree manner.

This isn’t a Health & Safety snafu, this is the Nanny State gone mad and disagreeing with itself. There is a petition you can sign here on (current at 1,677 1,682 supporters). This seems to be a battle of the Quangos with the losers being us the public. You might also notice that a number of the Bloggers I follow have also taken issue with the ASA ruling. Their ruling cites the Highway code for its guidance, so perhaps that is where there needs to be change.

Roads are dangerous because there are big heavy motor vehicles on them being driven a speed. If we want cycling to be safer (perceived and actual) that is the elephant in the room that has to be dealt with. If you go down the route are requiring cyclists to be armoured then don’t be surprised that you end up with more cars (armour) and more congestion and pollution and noise and cars parked on pavements and roads being difficult to cross.

There are already too many drivers who believe they have an entitlement to the road over that of any cyclist – the type of approach by the ASA just adds fuel to that fire.

Whenever I cycle through Lode I am always amazed just how large the car-park at Anglesey Abbey as become and just how busy it is.  There is a real demands for open green space I reckon and if you have got kids one, without dog poo all over the place (actually even if you don’t have kids).

The snowdrops are early this year so get your self down there soon if you want to see them. the Winter Garden is also looking really good according to my wife.

Snowdrops along the roadside – Lode

Windfall of Apples – roadside Lode

Take care when on Lodes Way when passing through the cattle paths – they are chewed up and rutted and slippery at the moment.

Lodes Way – muddy and rutted by the cattle passes

You lookin’ at me – Burwell Lode Bank in the background

An RAF Helicopter in the sky over Burwell Fen

I hadn’t noticed until MikeC pointed it out to me – there have been large lumps of concrete placed at the end of Split Drove where you head up to Reach lode Bridge.

The View from Reach Lode Bridge

This is why – the slots for the low-level pillars to lock into have been vandalised – presumably to put the barrier out of action

Vandalism along Lodes Way

One of the road signs along the way has also been knocked. – vandalism or a large vehicle. Interesting how the cycle information and the motor traffic information are “complementary”.

Damaged Sign post along Lodes Way

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