Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yet another tootle around the fens

Thursday, 16th January 2014: I will probably regret saying this but last year when cycling in the snow (at least I think it was last year), SBC mentioned he had invested in some snow tyres. Now I like cycling in snow, it is very satisfying cycling around on a sunny, crisp day through virgin snow, gently crouching under wheel. On full alert for any tell tale slippage, especially a front wheel washout.  In fact is must be something about the necessity of being alert that makes the whole snow-cycling experience so good.

Generally when cycling on snow I tend to be going less quickly than my usual, not that fast pace, so even if I come of the bike it tends to be more of a controlled dismount that a tumble. Now the last time SBC mentioned it there was snow around and snow tyres were scarce. So maybe I ought to buy some now. They are more expensive though and larger. Using Sheldon Brown's tyre sizing chart they should fit my rims, but I am not so sure about the mudguard clearance. Although they can be removed if all else fails.

There are two choices (on Wiggle) for Schwalbe tyres, with more or less spikes. I have gone for the regular (more spikes).  Let’s hope we get some snow now! It might not feel like it but we don’t get that much precipitation here in the flatlands. Although at the moment we have had rain and wind throughout the month. Although I could imagine this wish coming back to bite me – beware in case what you wish for comes true.

So this was a ride on the roads and Lodes Way track that isn’t too bad – except Headlake Drove can be very puddly and the track near Monks Lode is also pretty bad – even with the extra drainage.

Wet Fields of White Fen Drove

It is pleasing when things work. In this case the CTC Fill That Hole website has delivered multiple times. I reported splits in this road last year and here they are fixed. Thanks to the CTC and Cambridgeshire County Council. Mind you when I read the garbled comment I left I really ought to check what I type.  The only minor issue is that the the CCC don’t seem to report back when something has been fixed.

The shadows are still long at this time of year. Currently the sunrise is 07:40 and sunset is 16:35. An improvement of just under an hour from the beginning of the month!

Hazard 91309 – Fixed on Headlake Drove

Tis the season for ensuring drainage ditches are clear.

The Field Side of Headlake Drove

A favourite place for a picture – Baker’s Fen looking from NCN11 alongside Monk’s Lode

Baker’s Fen

This is my favourite picture if this lot – It was taken from the Footbridge over Burwell Lode. It is a zoomed picture of Burwell Fen Farm with Reach Lode Bridge to the left.  I like the colours and you can see that the plan to turn Burwell Fen into a more watery area by building a Bund around it is working. I also like the pastel colours of the setting sun.

Burwell Fen – nicely watered

Whilst looking for a link I came across this one – Cambridge Cycling Group on

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