Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Different Lights in the Autumnal Fens

This is another catch-up post. Mind you I had another very pleasant spin round Wicken Fen this afternoon. It is a pity the byways and bridleways are so muddy, I am having to stick to the roads.

Monday, 30th October, 2013:

Harvesting Potatoes in the Fens

I reported these cracks on the 28th October and they have been marked up two days later – that’s a good start. The only problem with the Fill That Hole website is that the fix date does not seem to appear.  (I have cycled there recently, including today and they have been patched.)

The shadows are getting longer.

Cracks along Headlake Drove

The golden afternoon light – the two out deer look like cloned copies – they aren’t.

Deer near Reach Lode

The sun was setting (16:45) and the sky was blue except around the sun.

Sun setting over Reach Lode

Zooming in you can see the pastel effect of the setting sun. 

Reach Lode Bank

Reach Lode Bank

Swans on Burwell Lode

I think this was the sun over the Devil’s Dyke

I thought this was an enlightened Chapel with its Halloween pumpkins in Swaffham Prior – but a quick search shows that the chapel was sold for residential use. It dates from 1821.

A happier Pumpkin on the other side of the gate

I liked the way the contrails were lit by the setting sun.

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