Thursday, November 19, 2015

Another post–at long last

There is an inverse correlation between my cycling and my blogging. Well I suppose something has to give. I am ahead of last years distance cycled (2014-6,280miles) already at 7,050 miles cycled.  Although as I track my distance in kilometres last year was a shade over 10,000Km and this year’s goal was the same but I have now revised it up to 12,000Km.

In case you were wondering I use kilometers because the first cycling odometer I got was set for Km and I have logged my distances that way ever since. My records don't go back that far though.  They go back to 19th August 1994 - 21 years, which if my use of Excel is right works out at 157,251Km (or 97,711miles according to Google, although I generally multiply by 5/8).

Of course just because there is a correlation doesn’t mean there is causation. I do know that if a make a habit of doing something I generally keep at it. I fell out of the blogging habit 8 months ago it seems. What I really ought to try and do is a post a week, which perhaps ought to be a new year resolution.  What I probably ought to do is program my calendar to send me an email reminder each week.

To cap it all the way I used to insert pictures in my blog has changed.  I hope this one works.

Recent picture from a ride on the Peterborough Green Wheel