Saturday, May 14, 2011

Missing Post

UPDATE – Post 5 of 5 has now been posted and as it was also originally created behind this one that is where you will find it – or use the link. (Post 3 is still missing in action.)

UPDATE – Post 4 of 5 has now been posted but as it was originally created behind this one that is where you will find it. I am a bit worried that Post 2 might get re-arranged by Google’s rebuild of the Blogspot database.

I apologise for the lack of progress in finishing the ride around Peterborough, March and Wisbech.  Google has been having some issues with the Blogger system. I did finish writing and published part 3 of 5 a couple of days ago. Then I updated it it slightly and then Google had problems with Blogspot and essentially reverted back a few days and locked out any posting. Their plan was I believe to revert to an earlier version of their system which also meant some posts went missing – then they were going to bring back the missing posts and comments.

So they did – but their information updates have been somewhat sparse and I am still left with a missing post – which was last published just around the time their system went shaky. In fact after writing it the first time I tried to publish it I got a very strange Blogger error code. It worked the second time around and was on the Blog. To make it even more frustrating I have seen it appear and disappear as well over the last 36 hours.

Since I changed over from pure off-line Post editing to LiveWriter I have been pretty happy. I had to my previous Editor (Zoundry) just stopped working.  I have a new workflow which is quicker – but – yes but – LiveWriter doesn’t keep local copies it relies on the Cloud which is fine until it ‘aint.  So as I was worried I left LiveWriter open on Posting 3 of the Peterborough/Wisbech sequence so that at least I had something. (Although you can save locally when you publish the local copy goes.)

However my computer failed on an Outlook connector update and then around 11pm it crashed dead which after re-booting and allowing the RAID disk drive to check for errors also meant that I had lost the LiveWriter open window arghh – when the Cloud is good it’s great and when it isn’t it’s horrid.

So I am reluctant to re-write the Post if there is a chance it will come back and will wait another 24 hours or so.  I do have quite a few rides to Post about including; to and from meetings in Cambridge last week (3), dodging the rain in Wicken Fen and a FAFCA ride (Forget About Friday, Cycle Away) with a loop of around 120Km from Cambridge to Southery (and California).

I was so fed up with the sparse information coming from Google I also signed up for a Twitter feed so I could monitor the situation  - search for KeepPTPedals on Twitter.

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