Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Pictures

The weather here in the flatlands is fantastic - more like a summer's day than a spring day.  The thermometer at the front of the house is indicating 15C, with so much sunshine I have had to lower the blind in my study so that i can see the computer screen. So I have been for a wander around the garden with my camera stuck to a tripod to have a first play with it.  

The tripod is very useful as I put a 70-200mm lens on the camera - the whole lot weighs too much  to be comfortable with my shoulder at the moment. Although I have not really explored the advantages at least I could try it out.  I am looking forward to using it for evening shots with long-exposures. 

Anyway here are two pictures. This one shows a bee just coming in to land - the fine weather has brought the bees out. Not the best of photographs since the bee is not really in focus - but not bad for an opportunistic shot.  I will have a play a colour-popping it so that the bee and the two flowers stand out in colour with the rest in grainy black and white.


The advantage of a longish lens is that it has a small depth of focus - which means that things closer or farther from the point you focus on are blurry. This can help to bring the attention on the object of the picture and blur out the rest. as you can see form the previous picture it has meant that the bee is slightly blurry and the colour of the brown leaves still attracts the eye.

In this picture the flower is reasonably brought to the eyes attention, but is slightly over-exposed so is brighter than it should be - I will play with the camera and get used to it and hopefully learn how to compensate so I get the pictures I want.

Here is the bee picture colour-popped using my Graphics tablet.

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