Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Every one’s a Poppy–Pictures from a ride on Lodes Way

Sunday, June 15th 2014: Just some pictures and a few words. When I have been away for a week or two it is rather nice to cycle around the Lodes Way and see things afresh, or rather evolved. At this time of year (June) the crops in the fields are shooting up, poppies are out and even the ditches are going green.

I didn’t recognise this scene at first when I looked at this picture. I had to look at the GPS trace of the ride. After riding through White Fen I cycled alongside the Swaffham Bulbeck Lode (byway) and then turned off towards Lord’s Ground Drove. this track is just after Lythel’s Cottages.

Poppies between Lythel’s Cottages and Lord’s Ground Farm

More Poppies - Lord’s Ground Drove

Poppies along the edge of a field of beetroot (Sedge Fen)

Poppies along the edge of a field of beetroot (Sedge Fen)

Wheat in the field – Upware Road – good weed control – Poppies at the Margins

Poppy standing out in a crowd (of wheat)

Poppies in a field behind Swaffham Bulbeck

I can’t end without linking to this Presentation on Carless Cities on the website. It wasn’t what I was expecting as I assumed that would be on the “motoring” side of the equation.

My main concern is that we don’t just stop at car-less cities villages, towns and the countryside  also deserve a bit or peace, quiet and fresh air as well.

And finally – “The car makers’ ‘tricks’ to boost their MPG that leaves drivers forking out up to £400 more every year for petrol”. Well what a surprise, mind you the way many drivers speed up and then need to slow down, repeatedly when driving means I haven’t got that much sympathy for those ‘poor’ drivers.

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