Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Guilty Pleasures - Web cartoons

One thing leads to another and before you know where you are you're wasting time reading cartoons. It started with reading Cycling blogs - and there are still three I read regularly.

  • Crap Cycling & Walking in Waltham Forest In the great tradition of highlighting just how ludicrous some Councils can be when making claims to be cycling friendly. Basically some facilities are so bad that if you didn't laugh you would cry - so here is some humour. The bottom line is that the cycling facilities, even in the Cycling friendly towns and cities of England are pretty crap. I have blogged about some of the problems here in Cambridge. Fundamentally cycling as a mode of transport is not taken seriously - I blame the fat blobbers, they can't face the idea of cycling so they have to belittle cycling as often as possible.

  • Real Cycling More a magazine of snippets of cycling, mainly based in London but with interesting forays into other parts. Today's item (4th August 09) has a rather nice piece on a Hull based company making puncture repair outfits - as white label goods for the well-known brands. There is also a rather nice sound piece of a tour around the factory.

  • Cycling Missy - enthusiasm for cycling from an American's point of view including the build up to and successfully 100mile rides

This led onto cartoons, because many blogs also include their own list of blogs.

This led onto some comics that are just weird - but fun, yes time wasting - but at one a day who cares.

Humm, I think my son would say I have too much time on my hands - but I enjoy wry humour about the human condition - that's my excuse.

My last guilty confession, well I do not wear my cycle helmet very often at the moment - why you may ask, did that accident not teach me anything. Well the answer is that the helmet makes my head very sweaty and I do believe that motorists treat lycra'd helmeted cyclists as if they know what they are doing and get very, very close sometimes. I have tried washing my helmet. Here is a trick for keeping your cycle helmet clean. I tried it, but prefer a bath so substituted bathing for a showering. My family think I am mad and it works kind of. It seems that Horse riders admit that their helmets might actually get smelly and advertise anti-bacterial sprays for their helmets - I must try one of those next.

Finally my own contribution to the Cartoon world - no I am not artistically inclined - but this is something I have thought about trying - Sorry officer I thought the "Mandatory" meant I had to stay in the lane, since the motorist clearly felt he could park there!!

mcl cartoon copy.jpg

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