Monday, June 15, 2009

Cycle path-etic

In the past I would just ignore some of the Cycle path oddities you see, but now I have started taking picture of them I do wonder what drives the cycle path designers.

This route is part of Sustrans 51 from Newmarket to Exning, in fact this is where the path enters Exning after passing under the A14. Once again we have the unsuspecting cyclist going quite fast as there is a slight slope down this path to find that the path has come to a sudden end. With the tempting hint that it re-starts on the other side of the road as part of the road itself.

What I dislike about this one is that the place you seem to be expected to cross is on a bend and it is almost impossible to cross safely. The alternatives are to carry on around the bend on the pavement, walking of course, or not to bother and to join the road a couple of 100m ahead. This bit of the path is also quite dirty and so a bit slippery for braking hard.


Actually; maybe they are out to get us! There are too many cyclists in Cambridgeshire so they are creating "Bermuda Triangles"

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