Friday, September 11, 2009

Keep the home fires Burning

When I broke had my collar bone broken by a SMIDSY* driver back in February, my brother who broke his leg in a jogging accident a couple of years ago, mentioned that he still got the odd twinge in his leg in the cold weather. Well now the weather has changed and the mornings have suddenly turned autumnal (Fall-al?) with early morning temperatures down to around 8C I've noticed my shoulder has the slightest of aches - nothing to complain about, but perhaps a reminder of age.

Mind you I mentioned that a Tyre re-cycling centre in Littleport near had caught fire at the end of August - well it seems that they are allowing it to carry on burning to keep the air warm, no doubt to help my shoulder. Perhaps they are also trying to contribute to Global warming to raise the temperatures here in the flatlands of East Anglia. Although all those black particles in the atmosphere will reduce the effect. Actually it turns out that the fire is the biggest of its kind experienced here in the UK and they are struggling to put it out. The headline in the local newspaper - The Cambridge Evening News suggests that it will burn for another month. Here is the picture I took from miles away when it started - check the link for an update.


India Update; My son has conformed he will be able to come with me on the India cycle ride which is great news - now to get flights booked, visas applied for and I am just about to pop over to my local Health Care practice to check on whether we might need any additional vaccinations/malaria tablets. I also checked out the UK Foreign Office website offering traveller advice.

* Sorry Mate I Did Not See You

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