Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pigs, Ponies and Highland cattle

Loose ends are getting sorted, I got my hair cut at Toni & Guys in Newmarket today, thank you Hannah (it is much better now). I hate going to have my hair cut. Once it is underway and things are going well then I relax and I do prefer it shorter, it is also much easier under a cycle helmet. I think I must have bad memories of having my haircut as a young boy - the hairdresser, he will be nameless had only one style - pudding bowl. Quite lot must have come off because I got round my usual Wicken Fen route 10 minutes faster than usual.

The Two Tunnels project in Bath is auctioning a set of lifesize-ish pigs that had been sponsored by companies in the area. They were decorated by various local artists and placed around the city. They will shortly be auctioned so if an artistic pig takes your fancy here is the weblink:

The weather was clear and there was no wind today so for me it is still shorts wearing weather, I did wear a hat to keep my newly shorn head warm though. When cycling I often listen to my MP3 player. I either listen to music or podcasts. Listening to podcasts is a great way to keep up with what is happening in the world (Science in Action, The Archers, Guardian Tech Weekly). Some would say that you need to be able to hear what is going on around you - however there is no way I could listen to my MP3 player loud enough to drown out the noise of cars and lorries. Today I was listening to music - Kaiser Chiefs, Kings of Leon and Yen Years After - all good music to listen to when keeping up a reasonable pace.

The setting sun through the clouds created a steely grey sky. You could see a weak front passing through. Although no rain was following it.

Wicken Fen has a herd of around 40 semi-wild Konik ponies and 25 highland cattle. It seems slightly incongruous - Highland cattle in the low-lying fens - I wonder what they do for exercise without mountains . They seem to be thriving though. Each years sees both herds add to their numbers with newborns. The cattle generally move out of the way, the ponies, although semi-wild can be quite inquisitive and when "parked" across the path can be reluctant to move.

Here is the last of the setting sun reflecting on the lode.

I have to pop up to Edinburgh tomorrow and back on Friday so no opportunity to cycle. The weather forecast for Edinburgh indicates a daytime temperature of 7C so it won't be too cold.

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