Friday, September 27, 2013

Mid-week ride +1 :-)

Thursday, 15th August 2013: Sometimes you have to “get it while you can”. So on the basis that Summer doesn’t last forever I have been trying to sneak out more often during the summer on the basis that a short ride is better than non.

Harvest is in full swing at the moment in the Fens and so this was a reasonably fast (for me) ride pretty much on the tarmac out ti Wicken Fen via Upware and back along Lodes Way (not tarmac but not bad).

A Turf Harvest

A bicycle is an ideal way to get to where you want to walk. Although I think I would have locked my bike up before walking. |Which makes me wonder how did this bike get here?

Bike to Walk – trusting cyclist

A Field full of Bales near Wicken (in the background)

Cuboid-Baling near Priory Farm, Wicken Fen

Shared-use Cyclepath – near Lode – pedestrians, cyclists and car parking

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